New for 2018

What’s new for 2018

Hi, well January didn’t hang around very long and we are now well into 2018.

Last year was a great year for us, the new studio has had a great response and we introduced some new services such as our bespoke training and group photography days.

So what is new for 2018 here at DK Capture Photography…well quite a lot!

NEW: Viewing rooms
We now provide a more personalised service to help choose your images for your home with our studio viewing with Client Room Views.  We can now superimpose finished artwork onto images of your own home taking out the guess work of the finished look in your home.

We also offer a premium home viewing; this is a personalised service at your own home.  We come to you with our samples and help assist with the right product for the areas you would like your portraits.

NEW: Events
First of all we will not be sending out lots of email with special offers! we will now be holding “EVENTS” during the year.  You may have noticed we have been trying events for the past three months to see how they go and they have had great success and feed back as clients like the idea of a themed shoot ; such as the trampoline weekend!

So how do you know about these events?  I now have an “EVENT” page on my website which will list the up and coming events for the next few months.  We will also include the event on our Facebook page.

Feedback from our clients suggest that we may need to look at our packages for our business headshot service.  We listened and have changed it…for the better

We now offer two options for individuals looking for a headshot.  A 30min shoot for £15 including a digital image or £55 for ALL the digital images in high resolution.

Perfect for those who are just looking for an update to the LinkedIn profile or website.

Better than Groupon?


This is better than Groupon

We didn’t join in with the New Year sales as we like to offer a great deal towards the end of January – have we got a fab deal for you!

We currently have a great package on Groupon but for a limited time, we would like to offer you something better!

Only £10: “Up to 60 Minute Standard, TheBox, Fashion or Boudoir Sitting”

  • Unlimited background and costume changes
  • Framed desk print
  • 20% discount on all purchases.
  • Includes internet digital files of purchased prints


The things you don’t like about photography studios!

You may think this is a funny thing to write about, being a photography studio myself, but there are things other studios do that quite honestly annoy me, which could possibly put a good studio in a bad light…

Every year we do what most small businesses do and review our processes and pricing. To do this we pay for secret shoppers…this gives us a good understanding how we stand in the market, essential to ensure we are providing you, our customer with the right service.

The shoppers even call and book in with us to see how they feel we compare (scary I know as we have no idea who they are!)

Here are the top 5 things we have found out about us and about how other studios work.

Have you had these experiences and what are your thoughts?

  1. Price List: We asked our shoppers to find the studios price list online or call around every studio in the area asking for a price list.This was the hardest task out of the all the tasks we asked our shoppers to do!  Only a few studios had a price list online.  They had to speak to staff and they took awhile to get a full price list.

    How did we do: We weren’t perfect, we do have an online price list but 2 shoppers said it wasn’t easy to find as we have it listed under the portfolio.   We prefer to have our price list after our portfolio so clients can see our work first then decide if we are the right studio for them.

  2. Making a booking: The shopper just needed to make a booking for a portrait shoot…one shopper said, 4 days later she got a callback, no reason why so late. Several didn’t return calls at all and most returned emails with possible dates, which as you can imagine, ended up going back and forth until a date and time agreed.
    Being a sole trader myself, I do acknowledge it’s hard to answer calls and emails quickly like some of the bigger studios with a dedicated receptionist etc.

    How did we do: At the time the shoppers did this exercise we were the only studio with an online booking system.  They found it was easy, fast to use and they could book in during the evening when it wasn’t so busy at work. We were one of a small handful who answered the phone or returned their call within a few hours.

  3. The Studio: What did the shoppers think of the studios?The shoppers were quite impressed with most of the studios, there were two that they said were a little small for a family shoot but in general most was OK.

    How did we do:  The feedback we got was good, like the other studios.  They felt the studio was just the right size for large family groups and they mentioned we had a good selection of toys for the kids.

  4. The Shoot: How did they find the experience?Bit of a mix bag with the shoppers, some liked the photographer and some didn’t. I guess with an experience everyone is different and expect different things.
    In general, most photographers were welcoming but some lacked skills in dealing with kids getting them relaxed etc.

    How did we do:  We had good feedback, especially with the families with kids.  We did get one negative. The family wanted a traditional style of shoot and we provided our normal style of fun shoot.   We will take note to ask for an overview of style of shoot from now on as not everyone is after the style we portray in our portfolio.

  5. Ordering of prints and finished products: Shoppers had to order a set of prints and ask for a online link for familyThe shoppers said they liked the viewing sessions but they also liked the idea of ordering online so a bit of a mixture. Only one company was a little pushy and only had big expensive frames to order which was off-putting.  Only a couple of studios had an online ordering system.

    How did we do:  I was a little surprised with the results from ordering.  The shopper’s feedback was that they would prefer the option of coming into the studio to see products rather than order online, as they couldn’t remember the product we have and would prefer to discuss orders in person.
    One also suggested as they wanted to order digital files, they would prefer to do this online…we found that interesting as we have only sold products online.

In light of the report we received, we are looking to make a few changes.

  • Our price list will still be shown after our portfolio but we will make that more clear.
  • We are happy with the feedback from our booking system so unless anyone has any suggestions we will leave it as it stands.
  • The studio photo shoot style will now be discussed in more detail pre the shoot.
  • We will introduce in-studio ordering and online digital sales over the next few weeks.

Have you had experience with any of these top 5
Feed-back from our secret shoppers?

New Year Competition: The Box

If you are looking for a “different” style of portrait or perhaps you just dislike the idea of having a photo taken, our “BOX” shoot is for you!

It’s a giant box in our studio which we take images of you and your kids doing anything you like, then we simply edit them into a great modern family portrait.

We are giving away a great package to celebrate the new year.

  • Studio sitting for as many people as you like
  • As many montage images as you like
  • ALL the images in digital format to print as you wish
  • A framed 20×20″ montage print
  • A 20×8″ montage printThis great package is valuedover £600!  just enter to win